About Lemidi
The Chitou Lemidi Hotel is named after French LEMIDI, and resolves to realize the dream of creating a vacation resort in catering to health, recreation, arts, taste, and intimate service in Taiwan. The hotel was built in Chitou for its dense original precious forest, various subtropical forests, refreshing Phytoncide, and valuable ecological environment. The hotel is even built according to valley terrain, which allows the Lemidi Hotel to become only mountain resort in Taiwan.

Lemidi Hotel is a unique Mediterranean-style architecture that looks like an European castle in the woods. Its momentum and the grand mountains around perfectly complement each other. The expensive antique-style furniture is imported from Europe, which is delicately made and can compared to French royal taste. With investment of billions of dollars, Louis XIV European style is reproduced. The result is a unique Neo-classical style that combines European arts and recreation. Such an Mediterranean-style architecture embodies elegance and contemporary style in a traditional way, that allows visitors to feel like being in an European palace.

Located in the refreshing woods and only 4 hundreds meters away from Taiwan University experimental Chitou Forest Recreational Park, this hotel hugs natural scenery of dense bamboo forest and the beauty of sea of cloud and is the only five-star in great Nan-Tou.

About Lemidi
Chitou has been the most romantic recollection of youth for the 40-something generation. After Manager Lee's nine months of restless hard work, the Lemidi Hotel is reborn.

Been in the textile industry for thirty years, Manager Lee is also the manager of Zong Xin Co.; besides he also enters the real estate business, which also delivers impressive performance. Being well-trained in "Urban Planning" but not having any clues about hotel planning, he dedicated himself in this first attempt. By working more than 20 hours a day, he had Lemidi reborn in the shortest period of time.

Manager Lee pointed out "When Lemidi reopens, its outer and interior designs both undergo dramatic changes. The bottom line is that the spirit and soul of Lemedi are regained." This is the ultimate goal he searches for--to revitalize Chitou's tourism industry and to present Lemidi's value of coexisting with the nature.

On the basis of such spirit, the European castle image of Lemidi reappears in the mountains--something beyond imagination stands still in the most luxurious way in the mountains.

The origin of stone lions
A pair of giant stone lions several meters apart were situated at the front doors of Lemidi Hotel; however when Taochi typhoon struck Taiwan, two stone lions were affected by landslide and relocated. Later on it's found that two stone lions would sit side by side. It seems that even the relentless strike of the nature couldn't break the power of love. Lemidi Hotel even held a special wedding ceremony for the pair of stone lions by the presence of the Mayor of Nan-Tou County, symbolizing "Jack shall have Jill, all shall be well."

Buy a mountain for great water
Water is an integral element of life. Manager Lee who cares intensely about the quality of hotel in order to allow the guests to enjoy the natural pure spring water made a great investment of buying a mountain. Lemidi water is good for drinking, making tea, or brewing wines. Every sips is an enjoyment of natural taste. Manager Lee even encourages visitors to bring home some Lemidi water that would benefit their health.

European palace hall
Upon arrival at the palatial designed Lemidi, what visitors have in sight is the marble collage integrating Chinese Tai Chi that symbolizes harmony--with a Chinese ancient coin embedded in the circular totem--into Western style. It is said that rotating the center of marble collage clockwise eight times will bring in wealth.

From the collage at the front entrance to where the bar located, Baroque architecture characteristics are everywhere, such as oval, olive shape and the impression of complex geometry and the French antique furniture and crystal lightings that give the hotel an appearance of delicacy and elegance. In particular, the mosaic tiles, antique clock, and the top flannel sofa full of an elite auspicious sense all add a sense of times to the Limidi Hotel and create a classical temperament, that is amazing as visiting the Chateaux de Chambord.

A vacation free of black mosquitoes
At an altitude of 1250 meters, "Chitou Lemidi Hotel" enjoys the vast view and fresh air, which is different from all the air pollution and mess in the city. Whether staying in the rooms or taking a walk in the woods, visitors are free of the infestation of black mosquitoes and can avoid UV damage--this is the uniqueness of high-altitude environment.

High-density anion
At an altitude of 1,250 meters , "Chitou Lemidi Hotel" enjoys the vast view and Phytoncide and anion, resulting in ecological circles breeds a mysterious energy; natural Phytoncide has the effect of sterilization to purify the body and eliminate the nuisance of modern diseases. The hotel is rich in anion as high as 7,000 units and can help metabolism, elimination of fatigue, soothe and calm emotions; the anions and rhythm of pleasure result in the most valuable medicine. While you are at it, you will feel more youthful and marvel at the wonders of the nature!

Best summertime resort
At an altitude of 1,250 meters, Chitou Lemidi Hotel is surrounded by mountains, with the Phoenix Mountain and Beishe Brook in sight. Such unique scenery consists of steep mountains, dense woods, and bamboo forest, plus astounding sunset and starry nights. This is the only five-star resort hotel in great Nantou, with surrounding mountains and rivers in earshot; visitors are allowed to listen to wind and water and to enjoy the mountains and bamboos in sight--this is the most intimate contact with the nature.
The palace of bamboo in drifting cloud is cool in the summer; its temperature is 5.5° C lower than the ground, thus is your first choice of summertime resort. Without freezing North-East monsoon, this is an ideal vacation resort where allows you to take in anion to strengthen your body and enrich your mind.

A trip of health
Three treasures of life are water, air and sunshine. To live a long life has been everyone's top priority. Chitou features one of the largest ginkgo forest, which is a living fossil undergone various challenges. According to Compendium of Materia Medica, ginkgo improves the blood circulation of heart and brain, lowers cholesterol, improves the symptoms such as high blood pressure. It's said that it is the magical medical tree that prolongs life. In this healthful trend, jogging in ginkgo forest is getting popular. Staying in Lemidi can also enjoy how the scenery of ginkgo forest changes with time; ginkgo leaves turn yellow and fall like flying butterflies to form a splendid array of gold pathways. A delightful walk like this is also healthful; tourists are allowed to breathe in phytoncides emitted by ginkgo forest.